Upcoming GRAFT Software Release and Major Network Update

As was promised in the last week’s post, we provide more details regarding the upcoming major network update. The mainnet release of GRAFT software update has been scheduled tentatively for April 9th, with the major network update to happen on April 16th (specific number of the block that triggers the update, which is hardcoded into the node, will be announced on April 9th).

As a reminder, major network update means that if you are running the GRAFT network node (graftnoded), you must upgrade to the latest software release between April 9th and April 16th. If you do not upgrade your node before April 16th, it will be disconnected from the mainnet. Note that users of mobile and desktop wallets are not affected by the network update and don’t need to do anything – as long as they are still connected to the default proxy supernodes (if you are connected to your own supernode, however, do not forget to upgrade the underlying network node).

This network update will include two major changes and some minor bug fixes. The major changes are the Cryptonight update (for ASIC resistance) and new difficulty adjustment algorithm (for preventing hashrate attacks and stabilizing the block intervals). We are still testing the new difficulty algorithm to determine the best set of parameters. The testing results will be published next week. Stay tuned!