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GRAFT Blockchain is an open source, open-platform, non-for-profit, true to the blockchain principles, community project. Play a part in payment (r)evolution!
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Imagine a world in which crypto is everywhere at the point of sale – you accumulate different crypto assets through investment, work, playing games, charity, even exercising. You use these assets to purchase goods and services. The loyalty programs now all run on crypto. The interest rates are lower because of p2p lending through the network. Foreign transaction fees are all but forgotten and you don’t need to worry about exchanging fiat currencies ever.. Not only that, but anyone can start generating extra income by becoming part of the network perfoming authorizations, exchanges, or maintaining gateways.

GRAFT is a retail-oriented payment blockchain and a decentralized alternative payment processing network that brings cryptocurrency to the point of sale and beyond. Check out more community-generated videos

GRAFT is a blockchain designed specifically for the Point of Sale

Fungible and fast, like cash

Safe and immutable like a check book

Ubiquitously compatible, with fast transaction authorizations and credit facilities like credit cards

Decentralized, without a single point of control, like bitcoin
In addition, GRAFT Network offers network driven compliance to local laws and regulations, cross-border payments, built-in merchant tokens and loyalty programs, automatic currency conversions, flat value tokens, and opens up a person-to-person credit.

Accept easy

with Graft Point of Sale or Partner terminals
Accept major cryptocurrencies Mobile Point of Sale app accepts various cryptocurrencies, which eliminates the need to maintain multiple point of sale apps and wallets
Instant Payouts in Local Fiat Currency Transaction are settled in real time and payouts can be received in local currency
Instant Confirmations Online and In-Store Instant transaction confirmation, within hundreds of milliseconds to a few seconds, which enables normal in-store and online checkout process
Integrations with leading terminal providers Graft is integrating with leading terminal providers, what enables accepting cryptocurrency without changing POS system

Pay easy

Zero fees to the buyer Graft transaction fees are always charged to the merchant, just like with traditional credit card payments. Small purchases with cryptocurrency will be finally affordable
Pay Anywhere with Major Cryptocurrencies GRAFT allows using your favorite cryptocurrency at point of sale
Free Transfer between Wallets Neither sender nor receiver pays any fee for limited number of low priority slow funds transfers between wallets
Easy Top-up’s and Exchanges Quick exchanges enable transfer among currencies at the time of payment, enabling “pay with any currency” features
Low interest credit People can loan their funds to each other. Healthy competition will drive the interest rates to where they should be based on risk and market
Choice of Payment Wallets People are able to use a mobile payment wallet or a plastic card wallet interchangeably
Download Graft mobile wallet

How to use GRAFT applications

Get Involved Easy

You ARE the Network. Become part of the eco-system, earn passive income!
Help spread interest and awareness by introducing merchants to GRAFT Payment Processing Network
Host a Full Supernode (available later this year) to provide Instant Authorizations to the Network
GRAFT Network ROI Calculator
Establish or leverage relationships with the merchants to provide merchant services
Graft Marketing Materials
Host a Proxy Supernode to provide Gateway / DAPI services into the network
GRAFT Network
Exchange brokers (pay-in, pay-out, interchange) are a critical part of the system, providing currency exchange services and using the Super-nodes for validation. Becoming exchange broker is easy and will be done from the wallet itself.
Exchange Broker Calculator
As a miner, help maintain the integrity of the blockchain, which is a settlement layer of the network
What to moine

You Are The Payment Network

GRAFT Network is completely decentralized by design and enables virtually anyone to become a participant and beneficiary stakeholder in GRAFT’s blockchain

Uses cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services. Can loan funds to others. Uses GRAFT wallet.

Accepts alternative payments, offers loyalty programs, cashbacks*. Utilizes existing payment terminals, GRAFT POS app, or 3rd party integrations.
Merchant Service Provider

Provides payment network service to the merchants. Runs payment Gateway. Markets.
Exchange Broker

Performs exchanges for the network. Receives exchange fees.
Full Supernode Operator

Validates and monitors off-chain transactions. Runs Full Supernode. Receives RTA fees.
Proxy Supernode Operator

Maintains points of entry to the network. Runs Proxy Supernode. Receives Proxy SN fees.

Mines GRFT, solo or via mining pool.
Payout Token Underwriter.

Underwrites second-layer tokens including tethered payout tokens (“stablecoins”)

Develops applications that utilize network services via DAPI


GRAFT on traditional payment terminals

Find GRAFT in Verifone App Marketplace

Pending Ingenico app technology transition, ETA Q1 2019

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