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Global Decentralized
Real-time Payment Processing Network

An alternative payment network that offers security to the buyer, great features and fees to the seller, and earning opportunities for all.

GRAFT Blockchain is an open source, open-platform, non-for-profit, true to the blockchain principles, community project. Play a part in payment revolution!
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Imagine a world with truly decentralized, yet fast and convenient payments, accessible anywhere. A payment network with no big banks, no single access point dictating the rules and selling, reporting, or compromising your transaction data, a network that allows everyone to both use it and participate in it. Credit card networks like Visa and Mastercard provide a valuable service – they authorize payments very quickly while you’re at the point of sale, providing the merchant with assurance that they will get paid, and then facilitate transaction settlement between the banks; they also make your electronic payment method (credit card) accepted at millions of locations. Just like them, GRAFT is making the alternative payment transactions work in real-time anywhere via instant off-chain authorizations and integration with existing payment terminals, and then settling them onto the blockchain with uncompromising privacy – all this without involving banks!

GRAFT is a blockchain designed specifically for the Point of Sale

Fungible and fast, like cash

Safe and immutable like a check book

Ubiquitously compatible, with fast transaction authorizations and credit facilities like credit cards

Decentralized, without a single point of control, like bitcoin


Privacy-centric Proof-of-Work settlement layer based on CryptoNote protocol

Proof-of-Stake based instant transactions facilitated by SuperNodes

Credit-card-like transaction types, fees, and integrations with DAPI gateways

A unique open-platform service provider network allowing anyone to step in as a service provider.
In addition, GRAFT Network offers network driven compliance to local laws and regulations, cross-border payments, built-in merchant tokens and loyalty programs, automatic currency conversions, flat value tokens, and opens up a person-to-person credit.


GRAFT Network is completely decentralized by design and enables virtually anyone to become a participant and beneficiary stakeholder in GRAFT’s blockchain

Uses cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services. Can loan funds to others. Uses GRAFT wallet.

Accepts alternative payments, offers loyalty programs, cashbacks*. Utilizes existing payment terminals, GRAFT POS app, or 3rd party integrations.
Merchant Service Provider

Provides payment network service to the merchants. Runs payment Gateway. Markets.
Exchange Broker

Performs exchanges for the network. Receives exchange fees.
Full Supernode Operator

Validates and monitors off-chain transactions. Runs Full Supernode. Receives RTA fees.
Proxy Supernode Operator

Maintains points of entry to the network. Runs Proxy Supernode. Receives Proxy SN fees.

Mines GRFT, solo or via mining pool.
Payout Token Underwriter.

Underwrites second-layer tokens including tethered payout tokens (“stablecoins”)

Develops applications that utilize network services via DAPI


GRAFT on payment terminals

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Pending Ingenico app technology transition, ETA Q1 2019

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January 15, 2019


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