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GRAFT Blockchain enables using any
cryptocurrency at the Point of Sale. Natively
for Merchants
for Cryptoshoppers
ISVs, Providers, Miners
GRAFT Blockchain is an Open source, Open-platform,
Non-for-profit, Community Project
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Accept cryptocurrency
at the Point of Sale
Merchants are rushing to accept cryptocurrency as a way to combat high credit card fees and to accommodate crypto-savvy buyers among other things.

GRAFT makes it easy for the merchant to start accepting cryptocurrency at the point of sale, without having to change habits or retrain people.
Pay for purchases
in the store
Using cryptocurrency at the point of sale is hard. Between paying high fees, slow transaction times, using different wallets for different cryptocurrencies, and worrying about someone tracking your transactions, the experience is far from easy.

GRAFT makes paying with cryptocurrency as straightforward as using a credit card or mobile wallet for any payment method, and no fees to the users.

Start using GRAFT wallet today.
Earn income with
GRAFT Network
If you’re looking for the next promising opportunity in the crypto world, we invite you to join GRAFT eco-system.

We welcome Miners, Service Providers, Independent Software Providers and individual distributors.


Graft is a blockchain-based payment platform where the best parts of all payment technologies are combined together to provide for a better experience at the point of sale

Accept any cryptocurrency along with fiat at the point of sale
Accept or pay in crypto on the go. Any transaction will take you up to 2 seconds.
Automatically convert among cryptocurrencies as well as in and out of fiat in local currencies

Dramatically lower
cost of transaction
Enable built-in
loyalty programs



Slava Gomzin
15 Years in Payment Industry. NCR and HP. Renowned Payments and Security Expert and Full Stack Technologist. Author of the Books “Hacking Point of Sale” and “Bitcoin for Nonmathematicians”
Dan Itkis
Serial Entrepreneur. Recognized Technology and Product Manager. Built and brought to market over half a dozen products – IDAM, CRMs, MDM, VoIP. Founder of BIOMIO – frictionless IDM. MsETM, CISSP.
Kate Vasylenko
Growth-hacker with 16+ YOE in advertising and digital marketing in the US, Europe and Southeastern Asia.
Brad Gleeson
Business Development
Serial Entrepreneur. Lead BD & sales at 4 technology businesses from birth to $50+MM in revenue. Multiple M&A transactions. C-level and GM roles at $100+MM companies.
Ben Peeri
With extensive Dev ops experience from some of the largest US and international banks, Ben is in charge of all things mining at Graft
Pavlo Pelekh
Engineering Management
Engineering team lead with dozens of completed projects under his belt.
Vitalius P
PhD in Computer science, Vitalius is a highly sought after expert in Machine Learning, Image Recognition, and Blockchain algorithms.
Miguel Herranz
Responsible for communication subsystem. Previously Monero developer / contributor.
Ilya Kitaev
Expert in C++/Qt cross-platform development with experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Previously Monero developer.
Dmitry Karpezo
Integrations Lead
Seasoned software architect and go-to engineering lead, gets things done in elegant, flexible, and reliable code
Oleg Gladun
QA Lead
Experienced QA leader and effective “cat hoarder”
Igor Timoshenko
Team lead and C++ developer
Team lead and C++ developer with 20+ years of experience. He participated in about a dozen projects, including billing systems, online games with monetization, R&D in face tracking etc.

Legal and Strategy Partners

Courtney R. Perrin
John S. Wagster


Yulia Kadulin
COO, UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group
Oleg Buzinover
CFO, SmartRg
Boris Itkis
Principal Engineer, SonicWall
Jason Gershenson
Attorney at Law, Speaker
Mitchell Cobrin
AnywhereCommerce global mPOS and omnichannel payment platform, Co-Founder

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Proof of Insanity
good luck. you have a great project and a great community around it
With a strong POS background, you have no idea how excited i am for this ICO. Ticks every box and i can’t wait to start pitching this to my network.
Silent Judge
Super excited about this project I will keep mining it!
I’ve been hodlin since the first day of preico just excited to see where. Is project goes ^_^
Thanks. Real-time authorization is GREAT idea which finally make possible for mass-adoption
Super node is already running on Google Cloud now just need to fund the wallet. Exited for this project



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