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GRFT is the GRAFT Blockchain utility coin.
The coin has numerous uses across the network:

Mining Rewards

The first (settlement) layer blockchain is a proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain that relies on miners who are motivated by block and transaction rewards as is customary with PoW blockchains. emission graph

Network Rewards

GRFT is the currency that the network participants (Supernodes, Service brokers, Gateways) earn for their services.

RTA transactions

No matter what you pay with and what you get paid out in, it gets converted to GRFT in order to take advantage of the Supernode-based Real-time Authorizations (RTA)

Atomic Swap Exchanges

GRFT in combination with Supernode validators is what makes atomic swap exchanges work fast.

Bond Stakes

Bond stakes secure the integrity of proxy nodes and other operations where there’s network risk involved.

Credit Loans

Supernodes can hold signed GRFT installment payments used to pay back the loans.

Fuel for Secondary Tokens

GRFT serves as a fuel for secondary tokens (merchant tokens, brand tokens, stable value payout tokens, etc)

GRFT Distribution

GRFT token distribution is as follows:
Current Circulating Supply: ~ 450,000,000

GRFT Emission

Total Emission: 1,844,674,407


GRFT is currently trading on Cryptopia, TradeOgre and a few other exchanges.

GRFT Coin Explained