GRFT Utility Coin

GRFT is the GRAFT Blockchain utility coin. GRFT is proof-of-work (mined) and is private (based on CryptoNote Protocol).


The coin has numerous uses across the network:

Mining Rewards

The first (settlement) layer blockchain is a proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain that relies on miners who are motivated by block and transaction rewards as is customary with PoW blockchains. emission graph

Network Rewards

GRFT is the currency that the network participants (Supernodes, Service brokers, Gateways) earn for their services.

RTA transactions

GRFT PoW blockchain provides the foundation for Real-time Authorizations (RTA). RTA performs instant authorization and transaction binding for the network, enabling credit card like transactions at the point of sale

Collateralized Exchanges

GRAFT Network Exchange Brokers and clients use GRFT in order to collateralize (secure) the currency swaps. This enables a non-custodial, fast decentralized exchange required by the network in order to facilitate multi-currency payments and payouts.

Fuel for Secondary Tokens

GRFT serves as a fuel for secondary tokens (merchant tokens, brand tokens, stable value payout tokens, etc)

SuperNode Staking

SuperNode participation stakes that range from 50,000 – 250,000 GRFT govern how the transactions are distributed for authorization/validation among different tiers of SuperNodes.


GRFT Distribution

GRFT token distribution is as follows:
Current Circulating Supply: ~ 450,000,000

* – We don’t know exactly what it’s going to take to bring an ambitious project like GRAFT to its full potential. Currency fluctuations, regulatory issues, taxation, market development costs – are anything but certain. As such we retain a significant portion of the coin in the reserves to be used over the years as needed by the project team in order to accomplish projects ambitious goals of becoming a unified payment network of tomorrow. In the spirit of transparency, we’re making the wallet visible to community. Wallet| View key

GRFT Emission

Total Emission: 1,844,674,407


GRFT is currently trading on TradeOgre and a few other exchanges.

We understand that these exchange options are limited – we are focused on the product at this time and are carefully screening potential exchanges. We are open to discussing listing opportunities with reputable exchanges.

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