Development Update – Jan 31


Over the last week you saw a culmination of development efforts outside of the RTA supernode core track, geared at bringing the ecosystem network to its complete functional state. We published:

Our approach is to release the Exchange Broker and Payment Gateway as simplified, standalone versions using rapid application development tools, with the assumption that in the beginning merchants will run all the modules as a consolidated stack. The next phase will be to extend or rewrite these components to allow independent exchange brokers or merchant service providers to run these modules autonomously.

New RTA Alpha Patch Release

Today, we have released RTA Alpha 4.1 (bugfix patch release)


Cryptonode Fixes:

  • disable logging to tmpdir
  • fix: segfault while logging deleted connections

Cryptonode Known Issues:

  • rarely happening random segfault in p2p server

Supernode Fixes:

  • The program exits gracefully on bind fail.
  • fixed appending X-Callback header caused “Too long header area” error

The github branches are the same as the previous release, so the latest instructions are unchanged.

The Core Team also continues working on Monero13 merge and Stake Transaction validation.

New POW algorithm for Nicehash resistance

Nicehash attacks have been a real nuisance and been cause for frustration for the mining community and community at large, causing long confirmation times at the exchanges and other disruptions. Earlier this week we implemented a tweak to CN8 algorithm we dubbed CryptoNight Waltz, which will prevent the attackers from using available Nicehash hashing power.

We have put together a private testnet. To test download CryptoNight Waltz here


To launch miner on the node, simply run node and enter command “start_mining <wallet_address”>

The main reason we created this testnet is to add the possibility for miner and pool maintainers to add and test support of CryptoNight Waltz. Please reach out to your favorite mining software maintainer or pool operator to get them to update their software.

ColdPay Card

In the background, we’ve been toiling on the ColdPay card, working with the manufacturer on cryptographic algorithms and library support that’s required to support the CryptoNote protocol. We have also been prototyping the multisignature support in order to use the card as a payment mechanism with remote wallets.

At this point we feel comfortable with the proof of concept to move forward with production (assuming there is enough demand). To that end, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo in the upcoming days (counting on your support there!). This crowdfunding process should also help elevate the overall project visibility.

Open Source Development

Finally, as discussed in the State of the Union, we’re moving towards becoming a truer open source project as many of you strongly urged us to do. In addition to publishing the Requests For Comments (RFC’s), we will be creating tasks for independent open source developers. Look for a list of these tasks in the upcoming days.

Best regards,