GRAFT Development Status Update January 16th, 2019

Today is GRAFT blockchain’s 1st birthday! One year ago, on January 16th, 2018, a team of a few developers and several miners launched the GRAFT mainnet. Happy Birthday, GRAFT blockchain!

This week is shaping up to be big on deliverables:

  • Alpha RTA version 4 – this version brings greatly improved stability to the SuperNode
  • Improved RTA workflow proposal (based on the community input and vulnerabilities found)
  • Exchange broker and sample test application with installation instructions made public on github and made to work on the RTA AlphaNet

Stretch goals:

  • Payment Gateway and BigCommerce plugin on RTA AlphaNet
  • Monero 13 merge

We would like to be more specific and technical in our development updates, so we have included a breakdown by specific tasks for each topic below.

Core Team

  • Making last preparations and bug fixes for Alpha4 release.
  • Working on stack transaction functionality.
  • Progressing on Monero13 merge
  • Working on the next revision of Auth flow and Communication RFCs

Payment Gateway

Preparing for transfer to RTA TestNet

TMS-150 Payment Gateway: Refactor pages

TMS-151 Payment Gateway: Documentation for developers (GitHub description)

TMS-152 Payment Gateway: changing in config file

TMS-157 Exchange Broker: check source code

TMS-159 Payment Gateway: installation test

Exchange Broker

Preparing for transfer to RTA TestNet

TMS-154 Exchange Broker: check configuration file

TMS-153 Exchange Broker: Installation and deployment documentation

TMS-160 Exchange Broker: installation test

ColdPay Card / Hard Wallet

Continuing to do R&D on implementing a smart-card based mobile wallet / payment mechanism

TMS-140 2.3 a) Discovering transaction structure and signing procedure in the Monero testnet: transaction structure and hash base: Monero unsigned tx set & Monero signed tx set discovered and parsed by means of Trezor monero-agent code (

Best Regards,

GRAFT team