GRAFT Development Status Update January 16th, 2019

Today is GRAFT blockchain’s 1st birthday! One year ago, on January 16th, 2018, a team of a few developers and several miners launched the GRAFT mainnet. Happy Birthday, GRAFT blockchain!

This week is shaping up to be big on deliverables:

  • Alpha RTA version 4 – this version brings greatly improved stability to the SuperNode
  • Improved RTA workflow proposal (based on the community input and vulnerabilities found)
  • Exchange broker and sample test application with installation instructions made public on github and made to work on the RTA AlphaNet

Stretch goals:

  • Payment Gateway and BigCommerce plugin on RTA AlphaNet
  • Monero 13 merge

We would like to be more specific and technical in our development updates, so we have included a breakdown by specific tasks for each topic below.

Core Team

  • Making last preparations and bug fixes for Alpha4 release.
  • Working on stack transaction functionality.
  • Progressing on Monero13 merge
  • Working on the next revision of Auth flow and Communication RFCs

Payment Gateway

Preparing for transfer to RTA TestNet

TMS-150 Payment Gateway: Refactor pages

TMS-151 Payment Gateway: Documentation for developers (GitHub description)

TMS-152 Payment Gateway: changing in config file

TMS-157 Exchange Broker: check source code

TMS-159 Payment Gateway: installation test

Exchange Broker

Preparing for transfer to RTA TestNet

TMS-154 Exchange Broker: check configuration file

TMS-153 Exchange Broker: Installation and deployment documentation

TMS-160 Exchange Broker: installation test

ColdPay Card / Hard Wallet

Continuing to do R&D on implementing a smart-card based mobile wallet / payment mechanism

TMS-140 2.3 a) Discovering transaction structure and signing procedure in the Monero testnet: transaction structure and hash base: Monero unsigned tx set & Monero signed tx set discovered and parsed by means of Trezor monero-agent code (

Best Regards,

GRAFT team

About GRAFT Project

GRAFT is a blockchain based payment processing network the functions similarly to a credit card processing network with off-chain authorizations and in-network atomic swap based interchanges. The network is completely decentralized, able to work cross borders and adapting to local regulatory environment. In addition to decentralization, GRAFT solves four biggest problems that exist in cryptocurrency at a point-of-sale today – privacy, speed, fees, and integration. Technically, GRAFT Network is a two layer (proof-of-work and proof-of-stake) blockchain with proof-of-stake based authorizations and economically incentivized participation with opportunities for mining, authorizations, in-network exchanges, gateway hosting, merchant services, etc.

GRAFT is open-platform, open-source, community-driven project.
Opportunities are available to invest in GRAFT project with additional funds going towards marketing, liquidity (exchanges), additional dev resources, and new initiatives. If you are a qualified (accredited) investor who’s interested, please contact us at and we will work to match you up with an appropriate investment option.

And of course we will never say no to project donations, providing you with lots of karma points (and an honorable mention on GRAFT site). To donate please send an email to and we will generate a unique donation address for you.

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