GRAFT core team is lead by Slava Gomzin, a 15+ year veteran of Payments and Information Security Industries, former NCR architect and HP technologist, and author of the books “Hacking Point of Sale” and “Bitcoin for Nonmathematicians”, and Dan Itkis, a veteran R&D executive and enterpreneur, who built and brought to market first Voice-over-IP protocol and gateway stack for Intel, which later became the basis of modern internet voice conferencing, first commercial DSL-ready Video-over-IP (MPEG1/2/4) encoders for Tektronix, and large scale interactive digital media networks for Cisco Systems.

GRAFT core organization is engineering-focused, consists of top proven talent, is distributed, and nimble. We’re focused on delivering cutting edge technology, following best industry practices and quickly incorporating latest progress in the field.

15 Years in Payment Industry. NCR and HP. Renowned Payments and Security Expert and Full Stack Technologist. Author of the Books Hacking Point of Sale and Bitcoin for Nonmathematicians. CISSP.
Lead cutting edge R&D for Intel and Cisco Systems. Built and brought to market over a dozen of products in Servers, VoIP, Video Compression, Digital Signage, Computer Vision, and AI. Recognized Technology and Product Manager. Founder of BIOMIO – frictionless IDM. MsETM, CISSP.
Growth-hacker with 16+ YOE in advertising and digital marketing in the US, Europe and Southeastern Asia.
Business Development
Serial Entrepreneur. Lead BD & sales at 4 technology businesses from birth to $50+MM in revenue. Multiple M&A transactions. C-level and GM roles at $100+MM companies.
Development Team Leader
Principal Engineer, Sonicwall and Dell. Ms in Mathematics and Computer Science. Engineering manager with over 20 years of experience.
Open Source Community Lead
Open Source Community Lead. With PhD in Cognitive science from RPI, Nick is leading community development efforts at GRAFT and researching into adding AI to the network
RD Lead
PhD in Computer science, Vitalius is a highly sought after expert in Machine Learning, Image Recognition, and Blockchain algorithms.
Blockchain Engineering Lead
Expert in C++/Qt cross-platform development with experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Previously Monero developer.
Integrations Lead
Seasoned software architect and go-to engineering lead, gets things done in elegant, flexible, and reliable code
Community Liason Lead
Audio Engineer and Master in Clinical Neuropsychology , Tiago was instrumental in building up Dash and several other crypto communities from the ground up.

Legal and Strategy Partners

Courtney R. Perrin
John S. Wagster