The main testnet is open to public. Now you can run your own network node and supernode and even mine some test GRFT coins with CPU minder and run basic transfers. Note that currently we do not accept any support requests for the testnet for two reasons: first, it is not stable, and the versions are changing literally every day, and second, we do not have a designated support team yet, and developers are focused on their primary development tasks so we could meet our very tight deadlines. Thus, please connect to the testnet at your own risk. Nevertheless, we are always open for healthy criticism and happy to receive any feedback and bug reports. You can find information about the testnet connectivity, network node, and CLI wallet setup below. The full supernode setup and configuration instructions will be also published soon.

Public testnet seed nodes:,,,

Public testnet block explorer:

Mining Guide

Connect to the testnet at your own risk:

Access to the public testnet is granted without any warranties of any kind, and Graft disclaims all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. By accessing the testnet, you agree to accept responsibility for any liability arising from your use of the testnet.