How To Bring Cryptocurrency
To Your Store

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Why Cryptocurrency?

No Chargebacks blockchain cannot be reversed

Low Transaction Fees when compared to credit & debit transactions

Attracts New Categories of Buyers cryptocurrency owners

How to Accept Crypto Payments in Your Store?

Option 1 Use an interactive app enabled terminal Engage line from Verifone or one of Ingenico's marketplace-enabled terminals.
Steps to set up a payment terminal Get an interactive app enabled terminal. Install the GRAFT app from the marketplace (once available).
Option 2 Use GRAFT Mobile POS app You can use the GRAFT Mobile Point of Sale Application in place of, or alongside, your main POS system.
Promote cryptocurrency acceptance Let your customers know of your plans to accept cryptocurrency by placing "Accepting Soon" window sticker at your business. Then you'll have more and more happy cryptocurrency customers!

What’s driving merchant’s interest in cryptocurrency as payment method?

74% Cryptocurrency is appealing to the new customers
70% Lower fees for merchants and zero fees for customers
60% Marketplace perception as an innovator
52% Faster purchase decision/higher purchase amounts by customers
50% Built-in mechanism for loyalty program
*Graft merchant survey conducted in 2018.

GRAFT Universal Global Payment Network offers merchants:

1 Single solution for all cryptocurrencies

2Zero fees to the buyer and very low fees to the merchant

3Quick payouts in fiat or crypto

4Easy to use and integrates with existing systems

5A built-in merchant loyalty solution*

*Merchant coins will be available later

Are you ready to accept crypto?

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