Users connect their cryptocurrency wallets and credit cards to the GRAFT Wallet
GRAFT wallet scans a QR code from GRAFT enabled Terminal / POS / Check
GRAFT Blockchain facilitates the transaction via blockchain consensus and involves service brokers to handle exchanges and back office
Funds are deposited into merchants' wallet or bank account according to their preferences

Accept easy with Graft Point of Sale or Partner terminals

Accept major cryptocurrencies Mobile Point of Sale app accepts various cryptocurrencies, which eliminates the need to maintain multiple point of sale apps and wallets
Instant Payouts in Local Fiat Currency Transaction are settled in real time and payouts can be received in local currency
Instant Confirmations Online and In-Store Instant transaction confirmation, within hundreds of milliseconds to a few seconds, which enables normal in-store and online checkout process
Integrations with leading terminal providers Graft is integrating with leading terminal providers, what enables accepting cryptocurrency without changing POS system
Download Graft Point of Sale app

How to use GRAFT applications

Pay easy

with Graft multicurrency mobile wallet
Zero fees to the buyer Graft transaction fees are always charged to the merchant, just like with traditional credit card payments. Small purchases with cryptocurrency will be finally affordable
Pay Anywhere with Major Cryptocurrencies GRAFT allows using your favorite cryptocurrency at point of sale
Free Transfer between Wallets Neither sender nor receiver pays any fee for limited number of low priority slow funds transfers between wallets
Easy Top-up’s and Exchanges Quick exchanges enable transfer among currencies at the time of payment, enabling “pay with any currency” features
Download Graft multicurrency mobile wallet

How to use GRAFT applications

Participate easy in the Network

SuperNode Owners SuperNode owners can mine for block rewards, participate in instant transaction authorizations for transaction fees, or perform proxy functions for even higher privacy and security
Service Brokers Service Brokers perform services that are complementary to GRAFT transactions. Examples include exchange, pay-out/pay-in, authentication / authorization. Service Brokers can designate additional fees for their services they are offering to the network
Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) ISV’s offer centralized application level functionality to the network. Examples are POS software solutions, back office accounting / record keeping, and money distributions / remittances
General Public Users participate in the system by paying merchants with the cryptocurrency of their choosing using GRAFT wallet. To find merchants that accept cryptocurrency at their location, you can use GRAFT CryptoFind app Want to earn GRFT? Enlist merchants into accepting cryptocurrency – it’s good for them and good for you.


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