Author Topic: How can I audit Graft's reserve wallet?  (Read 257 times)


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How can I audit Graft's reserve wallet?
« on: June 21, 2019, 06:06:38 PM »
 Q: How can I audit Graft's premine reserve wallet?

 A: First, you'll need to get the wallet's Address and Viewkey. The viewkey is comprised of Secret and Public

 Address: GBnQKoU73FySfuQ5sfoFLHYtxZbgH94y4CFZihQkxcvfUtpGK4B6Lm4YFtanesoH2jMDbwYPozJP45tcBnwBf9bZK2DVM37
 Secret: 53145cb22afc84eb469b3726bc5c96314193726a99e48e50b717d63b54a7ac0f
 Public: c37512b31320efbadf263d2002a1d478df0977a85eceab1d3be9054b7be8849f

 Fire up graftnoded with the following command

Code: [Select]
./graft-wallet-cli --generate-from-view-key reserves

 This will create a wallet called reserves - you're free to call it what you like. Next follow the instructions and input the Secret and Public keys

 Sync from 0, and let it finish. You will see all the transaction coming in, but not the tx going out. However, you can monitor the final balance.


 That is default cryptonote protocol. To view the out transactions, you need the individual key images of the inputs, and this can only be done by exporting them from the original wallet, and importing them into the view-only-wallet. I will explain how to do this in the future.
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