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Merchant Checklist by a Merchant
« on: April 09, 2019, 09:51:14 PM »
A while back, a merchant posted a Youtube video about what he needed from a solution to make it work for his business.  I tried to summarize his points and add a few more.  I think Graft addresses these criteria:

1.   It should accept a variety of payment types. It should have the ability to accept top-10 coins on the POS platform, especially for customer convenience, to make sales as easy as possible.
2.   It should be instant crypto-payments. The solution must have fast transaction time.
3.   It should integrate with existing inventory control.
4.   It should be easy training – customer and merchants.
5.   It should be a reliable, tested infrastructure for the payment processing network.
6.   It must be scale-able. It should also be testable. It should have the ability to try it out on a small scale, one or two stores.
7.   It must be easily adoptable for the merchant. Merchants cannot invest a lot into hardware and training time.
8.   It should have POS security. For example, only the owner should have access to the wallet to ensure against employee theft.
9.   It has to be a trusted provider – it needs to have liquidity, visibility, support structure, recourse, etc.
10.   It should preserve decentralization. Some projects are still centralized to their project, the banking industry, centralized banks (debt), and/or commercial enterprise.
11.   It should ensure customer/merchant transaction privacy. You don’t want your bank or income statement printed on the internet.
12.   It should support different transaction types – scheduled payments, pre-authorizations, refunds.
13.   It must afford adherence to local governance.
14.   It should allow the merchant to choose the payout currency.
15.   It should mitigate crypto-currency fluctuation risk for the merchant and customer.
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