You Are The Payment Network

GRAFT Network is completely decentralized by design and enables virtually anyone to become a participant and beneficiary stakeholder in GRAFT’s blockchain
User cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services. Can loan his funds to others.
Accepts alternative payments, creates loyalty programs, can perform cash backs.
Merchant Service Provide
Provides payment network service to the merchants based on their own business model.
Supernode Operator
Validates and monitors transactions
Exchange Broker
Makes funds available for exchanges, runs an exchange broker node
Gateway Provider
Maintains a POS or Wallet gateway
Mines GRFT
Secondary (Stable) Token Underwriter
Underwrites second layer tokens including tethered stable coins
Develops applications that utilize the network and DAPI
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GRAFT Blockchain is an open source, de-centralized, open-platform, community project with no explicit warranties or support. Play a part in payment revolution!
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