GRAFT Development Status Update October 1st, 2018

We listened to our community and decided to publish development status updates more often (bi-weekly or even weekly). However, since one week cannot accommodate the same amount of news as one month, don’t expect to receive long updates anymore!

Here is a quick round up of the news since the previous dev update.

First Working Prototype of Bitcoin Pay-In Broker

We have completed the first working prototype of a Bitcoin Pay-In Broker, which allows merchants to accept Bitcoin at checkout (both in brick-and-mortar stores and online) using GRAFT mobile point of sale or hardware payment terminal apps. The buyer can pay with any wallet supporting Bitcoin, as designed in the original GRAFT white paper. This is a big milestone for the GRAFT project, along with the ongoing RTA alpha, as the main concept of GRAFT is supporting multiple cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for merchants and buyers.

Some time next week we will place a button on the web site that will allow anyone to try out this workflow on the live network with live brokers and payment gateway!

RTA Alpha

The Dev team is continuing working on RTA alpha issues. Currently, we are focused on communication stability and optimization of RTA communication. We still have several issues with tunnel construction (the base mechanism for RTA communication based on P2P network), and optimizing the amount of messages traveling between the nodes – to provide more lightweight and stable communication.

As a reminder, RTA alpha is closed release to a group of 50 alpha testers selected from the large community of volunteers. Not surprisingly, these people are going to be the first full supernode owners and operators, although we have a much larger group of future supernode owners waiting for the beta release. The plan is to release beta to the mainnet as soon as the alpha is stable and fully featured with the functionality required for RTA transaction processing.

By the way, we have some exciting news for supernode owners coming out this week – we’re formulating an incentive program to stimulate the supernode network as part of ramping up the GRAFT network as a whole. We believe we’ve come up with a very elegant solution for it. More details will be released soon.

“Burning bug” Patch

There was a bug found in CryptoNote wallet code, the full description of the issue can be found here. The short story is that the bug affected only exchanges and only the wallet – no implications for regular users, and no need (even for exchanges) to update the network node daemon. Since GRAFT is not a direct clone of Monero (unlike some other CryptoNote blockchains), it took some time to adjust the Monero patch to current GRAFT wallet code, which was eventually done successfully last week, and the patch was “silently” released to the exchanges. TradeOgre and STEX updated their wallets immediately and as usual, Cryptopia is behind schedule but communicated to us that they are working on the update and it will be ready “asap” (no ETA provided).

As a side note – such bugs and patches mean that some part of engineering resources had to be diverted, but the impact on RTA timelines should be minimal.

Stay tuned, happy GRAFTing!