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The MainNet is Up! Long live and prosper GRAFT Blockchain!!!

Graft is a rare ICO project with its own blockchain. The team is so dedicated to mainstreaming cryptocurrency and making a merchant-friendly solution that we have developed a blockchain that is built around the merchants’ systems and processes, bringing together the most advanced techniques in the space and resolving the issues with the other cryptocurrencies. Soon, merchants with Graft will be able to accept crypto at the point of sale as easily as they do with cash or credit cards.

Running on its own blockchain sets the GRAFT project apart from its competitors that are based on the ERC20 tokens. As such, the Graft blockchain-based network will not be subject to the underlying Ethereum blockchain conditions such as latency and fees, putting the company in a strong position to be able to offer optimum payment services.

This brings us to the MainNet – the first major milestone and the cornerstone of GRAFT blockchain and eco-system!

We promised, and we delivered! The team has worked tirelessly around the clock for 5 days straight, launching, optimizing, relaunching, until we got to the chain that we could open up to the world.

As of 10pm America Central Time on Jan 16 it finally happened! The baby has been born!! The baby is healthy and all the parents and family are recovering from the huge adrenaline rush and weeks of hard work.

Congratulations to the AWESOME TEAM and Long live and prosper GRAFT Blockchain!!!!!!!