Announcing Pre-Sale Advantage Guarantee and ICO Preference

We at GRAFT Foundation understand that Pre-Sale buyers are taking a bigger risk by participating early.  As such we feel like it is only right to lower the risk and up the rewards to our Pre-Sale buyers by offering a multi-part Pre-Sale Advantage Guarantee:
  1. If there are incentives offered to the ICO participants, the Pre-Sale buyers will receive additional tokens to maintain the 30% advantage over the best ICO offer
  2. Pre-Sale participants will receive additional incentives on the ICO itself (should they decide to participate), larger than any incentive that an ICO would provide.

We’re very excited about adding this new assurance. We hope you see this as a token of our appreciation and commitment to all the Pre-sale supporters!   

More details at

Thank You!


About GRAFT Project

GRAFT is a blockchain based payment processing network the functions similarly to a credit card processing network with off-chain authorizations and in-network atomic swap based interchanges. The network is completely decentralized, able to work cross borders and adapting to local regulatory environment.

In addition to decentralization, GRAFT solves four biggest problems that exist in cryptocurrency at a point-of-sale today - privacy, speed, fees, and integration.

Economically, it’s a two layer (proof-of-work and proof-of-stake) blockchain with proof-of-stake based authorizations with participants able to benefit both for mining and staking

Finally GRAFT is open-platform, open-source, non-for profit community project. To support GRAFT Network, please donate BTC to: 39UBccrXeKBtoxeKXPqsXxPFnhzt6bueSY