Are tenx and others crypto cards competitors?

Yes and no. They are competitors just to the single feature of Graft network – spending debit card – which is just one of the ways Graft is going to enter the mainstream payments. We think about both sides of typical payment transaction: buyer and merchant. Tenx only cares about the buyer, which is definitely important.
But what about merchants who want to accept both traditional payments (such as credit/debit cards including tenx) and cryptocurrencies? In order to do that, today merchants must maintain multiple point of sale, payment terminals, and wallet apps which is very impractical. Graft point of sale app accepts both cards and crypto, and convert payouts (payments for proceeds from purchases) to local fiat currency if needed. Another important point – Graft CryptoNote-based blockchain is absolutely private: sender address, recipient address, and transaction amount are encrypted on blockchain and therefore hidden from public view. On top of that, Graft also adds encrypted (hidden) transaction fees which are visible to blockchain reviewers in all existing CryptoNote implementations.